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FIFA 21 ULTIMATE TEAM GUIDE: 7 THINGS YOU should be familiar with



FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is the mode to beat for all sports games in the coming year – and with FIFA 21 prepped for PS5 and Xbox Series X, promising changes are underway. We don’t know yet if EA will make the packing opportunities clearer, and that’s a topic of discussion that will likely extend well into next season. However, after taking a quick look at the game ahead of its October 9th release date, we’re sure there are seven exciting developments out there, as detailed below. Welcome to your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Guide.

  1. Fitness and training cards are gone

First a bumblebee. To speed up the entire Ultimate Team experience and save time between games, you no longer need to apply fitness cards (or swap in a second XI) to keep your players ready to play. They’re completely gone, as are the training cards that make for a game in areas like shooting, passing, and dribbling.

Speed ​​is a major focus for the development team this year, as is reducing toxicity. “We removed the” shhh “party and another called” ay-okay “, says gameplay producer Sam Rivera GR in our recent FIFA 21 VAR story. “We have also changed the process. After a goal, the time to celebrate is shortened, there is only one repetition and no “going back” to the center as in FIFA 20. ”

  1. You get a customizable stadium

Forget to go through the list of FIFA 21 stadiums to find the most suitable home environment. Now your stadium is an extension of your own personality. The size of the stands, the lighting arrangements, the seat colors, the walkway, the general appearance, and external features such as canals and palm trees are entirely up to you.

As you progress through Ultimate Team, you’ll naturally unlock new additions, with recurring aspects like Tifos and stadium themes expanding the customization options. You also no longer have to worry about shadows and daylight saturation: the competitive FUT is tied to a specific time of day to keep the gaming experience well lit and fair.

  1. 11 new symbols have been confirmed, with more to come

Eric Cantona is the first icon confirmed for FIFA 21. This news will amaze Manchester United fans, but most of the other Premier League supporters will be throwing sardines in the sea. Another good news for Old Trafford regulars is the addition of Nemanja Vidic, while those of you with Spanish roots can enjoy the inclusions of Xavi and Fernando Torres. Hungarian legend Ferenc Puskas bows to FIFA, while Petr Cech, Samuel Eto’o, Ashley Cole, Bastian Schweinsteiger, and Philip Lahm recently retired and are now given icon status. Profiles of all of the above can be found in our FIFA 21 Icons Guide.

  1. Meaningful moments in real life are replicated

Everyone loves Team Of The Week’s Wednesday night releases, but one weird aspect of them is that they give every player on the roster an overall upgrade instead of focusing on individual stats. So if a defender scores a scorching volley to get a TOTW slot, that value hardly changes in the game. This season EA has reworked the way attributes are generated so that those “meaningful moments” are replicated to specific elements. For example, Joe Bryan’s free-standing free kick in last week’s play-off final would give him a free kick score of say 95 on a raised card.

  1. Co-op is getting a makeover

Last but not least! The co-op game is well represented in this year’s game. There is a bespoke homepage from which you and a friend can jump into Friendly Games, Squad Battles, and Division Rivals. The latter is fascinating as I’ve often found it a disadvantage to play solo against co-op players as they can override dodgy AI. This perceived handicap is exactly why EA decided to add an additional match-making option.

“In Division Rivals we developed a switch that allows you to register against co-op players or just play solo,” says Creative Director Tyler Blair. “[As a co-op player] our matchmaking finds a co-op game, and when that is not possible we find a game against a solo player willing to play a co-op couple. We always strive to provide a great gaming experience that you will want to play [especially]. “

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