MAC Makeup: Which one is the best of 2020?

MAC makeup is known worldwide for being one of the most versatile, complete and functional on the market. And everything, both for professional use and for use at home. MAC makeup products are characterized by perfectly complementing your skin, as they have a wide variety of different shades. In this way, they make sure to offer each user what they need.

For all this, when choosing the MAC makeup product that from now on will inhabit our case, we no longer have to worry about the skin tone, or the product itself, or the use that we are going to use.

Makeup products on the market

We want to make some recommendations that will surely be very useful to you. For this, we conducted a detailed search of M.AC products until we found the best ones. Take note!

  • MAC Compact Powder Online Users Favorite
  • The best  first MAC
  • MAC’s Best Lip Gloss
  • The best MAC makeup base

MAC Compact Powder Online Users Favorite

This product combines the benefits of compact powder and foundation in one. As a result, it gives the skin a smooth, fully matte finish with full coverage. Hides imperfections and expression lines on the face.

In addition, it is long-lasting, lasting up to 8 hours. Usually the choice of professionals and the # 1 product of MAC users

The best first MAC

This is a cream eye shadow (primer) widely used by users thanks to its high pigmentation and full coverage. It is nude in color and dries when applied, leaving an intense and vibrant finish. In addition, it is long lasting.

Does not scratch or create wrinkles or flakes. It is also waterproof. In fact, it can be perfectly mixed with other products such as powder shadows and eyeliners. It is recommended to use your finger or a small brush for application.

MAC’s Best Lip Gloss

This lip gloss is available in a wide variety of colors. Like a lot because it provides a custom finish. If you apply a lot, your lips will be as shiny as a diamond. If you apply a little, you will get a subtle shine. Everything will depend on the look you are looking for.

In addition, it contains jojoba oil, which will help soften and condition your lips. Apply it over your favorite lipstick to add shine and highlight the color.

The best MAC makeup base

This MAC foundation is oil free and provides a natural matte finish. Plus, it comes with a sun protection factor (SPF) 15. It has medium to full buildable coverage that hides fine lines. As a result, it will protect your skin while beautifying it. Additionally, its formula is long-lasting (up to 24 hours) and is uniformly combined with other products. It is suitable for any type of skin.

Speaking of MAC foundation, what do I need to know to find my ideal shade?

The choice of the tone of the makeup base is always a question that brings us headlong. And it is not for less, because choosing the correct tone is essential to avoid the so-called “mask effect”. In the case of MAC makeup bases, the first thing you should know is the difference between W, NW, N and NC:

  • W (Warm): The foundation recommended for rosy skin tones.
  • NW (Neutral Warm): make-up bases recommended for rosy beige skin tones.
  • C (Cool): makeup bases recommended for golden skin tones.
  • NC (Neutral Cool): make-up bases recommended for golden beige skin tones.

In addition to these letters, foundation color codes are determined by numbers from 15 to 55, with 15 being the palest and 55 being the darkest. Although on the Internet you can find tables that show each of the tones, if you have doubts about which one is best for you, it is best to go to a MAC stand and ask.


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