Pasta Cravings: Why Pasta Became the World’s Favorite Food

Pasta is one of the most appreciated foods in the Mediterranean diet. It is part of the usual diet in many countries and is the favorite dish of many, since it allows multiple combinations of the most nutritious and tasty.

The pasta is a staple in any balanced diet that consumed properly, it helps us to face the day with energy, keep the line and cook many dishes. It appeals to young and old, those who love uncomplicated food and the most demanding gourmet palates. Its variety and versatility make it an ideal dish to eat simply or to surprise with a creative dish at a dinner for friends. Still wondering why people love pasta so much?However, it is a food around which (false) myths sometimes arise that make some doubt eat pasta on a daily basis. For this reason, here are some reasons why we recommend you consume pasta without regrets and at any age:

It charges us with energy!

The pasta in moderate portions and food mixed with other groups, is the perfect complement to give you energy, satiate and pursing essential nutrients. The main benefit of pasta is its contribution of carbohydrates, which charge us with energy to face the day without exhausting ourselves. In addition, a 100-gram pasta dish provides us with 5 grams of fiber and minerals, among which calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and selenium stand out, as well as B vitamins that favor the metabolism of carbohydrates and allow a good functioning of the nervous system.The pasta provides a high energy performance, making it ideal for athletes and also for students! Pasta generates nutritional benefits for intellectual performance, since the brain is nourished by glucose, which is found in carbohydrates and, therefore, in pasta.

It is a nutritious and healthy food

The Mediterranean diet, to which pasta is associated, is considered one of the healthiest, hence the consumption of pasta is associated with a healthy and balanced diet. Following a Mediterranean diet style reduces the chances of suffering, among others, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s … and obesity.

Pasta is NOT fattening.

Contrary to what many people think, the consumption of pasta is not associated with weight gain, as numerous studies have confirmed.Pasta has high levels of low-glycemic carbohydrates and is a low-fat food, so if you eat it in adequate amounts, accompanied by healthy ingredients, and cook it properly, you can eat pasta without any problem.

Accessible price.

If there is something we all like about pasta, it is that its price fits all budgets: it is usually quite accessible and there are countless varieties: noodles, macaroni, spirals, stuffed with meat or vegetables … Choose the one that suits you best!

It likes both adults and children.

Pasta is one of those dishes with which you know that you will always be right when you have guests, even with the most demanding!

Easy to prepare.

Pasta is sure to be in one of the first dishes you made when you started cooking. And surely more than once you resort to a plate of macaroni or spaghetti on those days when you have little time to cook and you want to eat something tasty and simple. You don’t need more than a pot, water, oil and salt to boil the pasta.

It adapts to any time of the year.

There are few foods as versatile as pasta. You can prepare it dry or in soup, in hot dishes or in salad, so it adjusts perfectly to the demands of any time of year. If what you want is to make it more refreshing, join the latest trend! Combine pasta with fruit, as in our apricot Agnolotti with pecorino, a delicacy that we offer you among our Limited Edition summer proposals.

For its versatility when cooking.

Enjoying a pasta dish is ideal at any time of the year, who says no to a fresh salad in summer? Already a warm soup in winter? It can be taken as a main dish or as a side dish. In addition, there is a wide variety of types of pasta that you can combine with different sauces. For all these reasons, enjoy pasta whenever you want in its different versions!




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