Prepare for SAT – A Simple Guide

How to Prepare for SAT – A Simple Guide


Each year many students take the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) exam as a standard entrance test to enroll in the college of your dreams after high school. The test is mainly focused on what you are learning in high schools and what you need to know to be ready for college. You need to perform well in the exam in order to pick the college of your dreams.


In this article we will tell you how to begin your SAT preparation to achieve good marks in your exam.

Start Preparing for the SAT Early

Choose the SAT date in advance so that you have time to prepare, we recommend 3 to 4 months. Starting early gets you to know how much you need to study each week and gives you a better confidence on the test day. Before going to exam, we recommend you to go through the test structure, instructions and the type of questions which save you valuable time on test day. You can also join SAT coaching Gurgaon to give a correct direction to your preparations.


Become Familiar with the Content

The SAT includes different sections to test your knowledge and skills from different areas. Each section has its own different sets of questions types and formats that you will face on test day. You must know the full syllabus details before starting preparing for the SAT. You have to be familiar with each topic in each section for getting better results.

Make a study Plan

Based on your strengths and weaknesses, goal score, and time frames make a study schedule for yourself. Try to spend a consistent amount of time every week.  Having short study sessions each day is more effective than cramming the same information within a week. Effective SAT preparation is all about setting a scheduled study routine. Make a daily planner, outline the type of section you’re going to study each day.

Increase Your Vocabulary

SAT test requires strong knowledge of specific SAT vocabulary words. It’s vocabulary consists of medium-difficulty, multi-meaning words. For improving your vocabulary section try to spend some of your time on reading comprehension passages. When you find out any unfamiliar word, highlight it and find out its meaning. SAT includes passages from the US and world literature, science, history, and social studies so read challenging articles from different fields.

Take Practice Test Daily

Practice tests can help you gain the skills and knowledge and it tells out your strengths and weaknesses. Taking a practice test at your home not only helps you to learn what you need to know but also you are used to sitting still and focusing on your work for over three hours. It teaches you how to get through the questions and find out their answers as soon as possible. Take at least one practice test daily, so that you will be comfortable with the format and give you a real sense of how long the test is.


Each year, SAT releases 10 full length practice tests which are absolutely free from the College Board. You can take these free SAT Practice Tests to evaluate your practice.


Review Important Content

Once you start your preparation,it’s time to start reviewing content. Differentiate the content that you don’t know yet, and review what you already know. Target the areas in which you are weak in, but at least go through every topic of the syllabus. So, if you are weak in English spend more time on it, spend a little time on the Math and reasoning section. This makes you get ready for every section, so that you don’t lose your focus on the subjects you’re already good at.

Find out your strengths and weaknesses

Take the free online SAT practice test organized by the SAT coaching Gurgaonto recognize which areas you need to work on. EduQuest academy provides ten full length SAT Practice tests which analyze your weak and strong sections. Your answers will be automatically scored at the end of the test. You also get personalized practice recommendations based on your results. You can also download the full length SAT practice tests on the College Board for free.

Set Your Goal Score

Once you are done with your first practice test, analyze and find out your total score it’s time to set your goal score. A 100-point improvement within a month is feasible. If you need to increase your score the more time you need to devote to practicing. You can so consult our teachers who are available 24*7 to solve your queries.

Find SAT Study Partner


Don’t go alone. Find a partner who keeps you accountable when preparing for the SAT. We are the best SAT study partner who Share strategies, SAT study tips and provide you better resources for your preparation. Take help from trusted SAT coaching Gurgaon to increase your SAT score.

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