The 10 Best Seafood Dishes for this summer

Summer is here and with it they want fresh and varied dishes. Seafood is a food that combines with various dishes and is healthy and delicious at the same time.  A single bite of one of these summer recipes with seafood and we go directly to the sea. Depending on how we cook them they will have a more or less intense flavor.The same goes for its nutritional properties.Their caloric content will vary depending on how they are prepared. What you have to be clear about is that seafood itself is low in calories.

1. Seafood Salpicon

The seafood salpicon is a typically Mediterranean recipe that can be prepared with the preferred ingredients of each diner. Therefore, the options are multiple, as many as varieties of seafood we have to use.

2. Grilled hake with seafood

Like any white fish, hake is a very low-fat food, so it is very easy to digest.  Hake is a fish whose meat, white and soft, allows us to cook and combine it in infinite ways. For us, the best thing is to accompany it with a rich seafood sauce, in which we will include: sprigs, peeled prawns and cockles to give it an exceptional seafood flavor.

3. Shrimp and avocado salad with yogurt sauce

If you want to prepare a refreshing dish, try this salad where seafood is very present, with prawns being the main ingredient.  It is ideal to eat as a first course and for those who are not very convinced of the yogurt sauce, they can add pink sauce, the result is just as delicious.

4.Norway lobster lasagna

If you like pasta and seafood, this is your recipe. Its preparation is somewhat laborious, although the result and the taste achieved are well worth so much effort. In this dish it is important: do not overcook the crayfish, as they could lose their juiciness, as well as that they are well peeled and that their peeled tails are reserved for later assembly of the lasagna, also extract the juice from the heads to mix it later for the sauce that we make.

5. Fried rice with soy and seafood

A type of dish in the oriental style. How? Adding ingredients with oriental flavors such as soy, vegetables and shrimp.

We recommend: sprinkle a little chives all over the plate, add nuts such as walnuts and raisins and you can even include a dicedFrench omelete in this rice.

6. Fish and seafood cake

This dish includes as essential ingredients: hake, peeled prawns, cooked octopus and crab sticks.  Although in this cake we use the microwave to cook it, it can be taken both hot and cold, to suit each one.

7. Seafood and teriyaki noodles

The teriyaki sauce is one of the most used in Japanese cuisine. It is made by mixing four ingredients: mirin, sugar, sake and soy sauce, and with pasta, it is a very appetizing combination. The seafood that we recommend using in this dish is: prawns, prawns and squid.It can also be cooked with the type of pasta that you like the most.

8. Curry mussels

A different and exotic way of presenting mussels, a very affordable and tasty seafood that also stands out for its high iron content. It is important to bear in mind that those mussels that have not been opened during cooking must be discarded, since it is most likely that they are not in a suitable condition for consumption.

9. Seafood Cannelloni

These cannelloni stuffed with seafood and fish are delicious. Its main ingredients are: prawns and monkfishAs a tip: to make the filling juicier, add a tablespoon of bechamel to the mixture before filling the cannelloni and using fish stock in the preparation process.

10. Crispy sachets of rice with seafood

This recipe presents a different and very original way of consuming rice. Accompanied by a good glass of white wine, it becomes a perfect starter to serve on special occasions. The main ingredients are: prawns, crayfish and prawns and round rice.  It is important to bear in mind that the brick paste used for the sachets is not difficult to find. Even so, you can substitute it for other pasta, like the one used to make spring rolls and it is just as tasty.


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