Travelers from all over the world choose from their favorites the best destinations to spend their holidays

Travelers need inspiration to decide on one destination or another because the world is so big. Today we can reach practically any corner of the planet; we look at maps, we read travel books, we watch movies and images shared on social networks by other travelers, we consult travel applications on our mobiles. It is so difficult to choose between all the options we have at our fingertips!

For this, there is nothing better than to be advised by the experience of others who traveled before us. As every year since 2002, the TripAdvisor website’s Travelers’ Choice awards include the world’s most popular destinations: the best, chosen by those who know the most, the travelers themselves. The winning destinations are selected annually by an algorithm that takes into account the shared comments and scores that appear on this website specialized in collecting opinions from different users.By adding one by one all the places on this list you could go around the world. Without a doubt, it would be a very popular around the world, don’t you think?


The island of Bali, in Indonesia, is number one. Why is it? It may be the white sand beaches like Beach, the intense green of its jungles in the West Bali National Park, the ancient temples(more than 10,000) or the different hiking trails. Rent a motorcycle to move around the island: don’t forget to go to the Tanah Lot temple to see the sunset, get lost in the rice fields of Jatiluwih or in Tegalalang, choose a beach or lake, visit a volcano or even take the opportunity to get married Bali is the island of the gods!


Even if they drive on the left and measure distances in miles and yards, London is the most popular of the world’s cities. History and character, monuments that are true icons such as Big Ben or the traditional taxis themselves are ingredients for a perfect getaway. There is something for everyone: the art of the Tate Modern, the most current fashion trends in its streets, the markets like Camden, the different parks where you can walk. Get on the London Eye, London can only be seen from above.


For any travelerthe eternal city is a history lesson. Also, who has not felt the need to travel to Rome after seeing a classic Fellini film? Or who has not wanted to tour the city on a Vespa as in Roman Holidays? There is so much to do in Rome: go to the center of the Roman Empire, see the Colosseum and all the archaeological ruins, the Pantheon, cross Sant’Angelo Bridge, Plaza España, and marvel at the works of art in the Vatican Museums. The Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica is also the most popular tourist attraction of all in Europe.


If there is a universal idea of ​​the city, that is what New York embodies. We have seen it so many times in movies that when it is visited for the first time it seems that you are walking from scene to scene. This city is vast and has so many faces that it would take different lives to say that it knows itself well. Strolling through Central Park in the fall or spring, going to MoMA, the cradle of modern art, seeing the Statue of Liberty, mythical skyscrapers like the Empire State Building, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge , Little Italy, Coney Island, it’s just one small part of country.


History and charming beaches are the main reasons why many travelers consider this island of Greece, the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea, as one of the most popular destinations in the world. Crete was the birthplace of the god Zeus and the origin of the Minoan civilization, the oldest known in Europe. In ancient times it was called the “island of olive trees” and today it still maintains a large number, which makes its landscape an authentic beauty topped by beaches such as Elafonisis and Kechodassos.

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