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Twitter Attack Was Work of Young Hacker buddies



Hacker concerned within the high-profile hijacking of Twitter accounts earlier in the week were young buddies with no links to state or unionized crime, The Times reportable Friday. The attack, that Twitter and federal police ar work, started with a elfin message between hackers on the platform Discord, a talk service fashionable gamers, in step with the days. The paper same it had interviewed four those who participated within the hacking, WHO shared logs and screenshots backing up their accounts of what happened.

“The interviews indicate that the attack wasn’t the work of one country like Russia or a classy cluster of hackers,” the days reportable.

“Instead, it absolutely was done by a bunch of teens – one amongst WHOm says he lives reception along with his mother – who ought to recognize each other attributable to their obsession with owning early or uncommon screen names, notably one letter or variety, like @y or @6.”

The massive hack of high-profile users from Elon Musk to Joe Biden has raised questions about Twitter’s security because it is a acoustic device for politicians sooner than November’s election.

“Based on what we all know without delay, we tend to believe roughly a hundred thirty accounts were targeted by the attackers in how as a part of the incident,” Twitter same in a very tweet.

“For alittle set of those accounts, the attackers were ready to gain management of the accounts and so send Tweets from those accounts.”
Posts making an attempt to dupe individuals into causing hackers the virtual currency bitcoin were tweeted by the official accounts of Apple, Uber, Kanye West, Bill Gates, Barack Obama and lots of others on weekday.

Twitter same it perceived to be a “coordinated social engineering attack by those who with success targeted a number of our staff with access to internal systems and tools.”

‘Original Gangster’ accounts
Fraudulent posts, that were mostly deleted, same individuals had half-hour to send $1,000 in cryptocurrency bitcoin, promising they might receive double the maximum amount reciprocally. quite $100,000 price of bitcoin was sent to email addresses mentioned within the tweets, in step with, that monitors crypto transactions.
The young hackers interviewed by the days same a mysterious user WHO went along the name “Kirk” initiated the theme with a message and was the one with access to Twitter accounts.

They contended they were solely concerned in commandeering lesser-known Twitter accounts, notably to swipe desirable short handles like associate degree “@” sign and single letters or numbers that would simply be oversubscribed, in step with the report.

The young hackers maintained they stopped serving as middlemen for “Kirk” once high-profile accounts became targets.

Some hackers ar “obsessed” with hijacking “Original Gangster” social media accounts staked enter the services’ period that have short profile names, in step with Brian Krebs|Sir Hans Adolf Krebs|biochemist} of Krebs on Security.

“Possession of those OG accounts confers a live of standing and perceived influence and wealth in SIM swapping circles, in and of itself accounts will typically fetch thousands of bucks once resold within the underground,” Hans Adolf Krebs same in a very post.

Hackers concerned within the attack on Twitter publicized account names at associate degree web site, inquiring for payment in bitcoin, in step with the days report.

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Government problems Notice to Twitter once Recent Hack



India’s cybersecurity nodal agency CERT-In has issued a notice to Twitter asking the micro-blogging platform for full details of the recent international hack targeting high-profile users, because it sought-after complete data on range of Indian users affected further as impact on knowledge, a supply same.

The supply aware of the event told PTI that CERT-In has conjointly asked Twitter for data on range of users from Bharat WHO have visited the malicious tweets and links, and whether or not the affected users are advised by the platform concerning unauthorised access to their Twitter accounts.

The government has conjointly demanded data of vulnerability exploited by attackers and routine of the attack and sought-after details of remedial actions taken by Twitter to mitigate the impact of the hacking incident. Twitter wasn’t straightaway offered for comments.
Indian laptop Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) swung into action once reports that hackers gained access to Twitter’s systems to hack accounts of the many international company leaders, politicians, celebrities and businesses.

Cyber attackers had hacked into the Twitter accounts of worldwide status users – as well as former US President Barack Obama, Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden further as several company leaders as well as Amazon corporate executive Jeff Bezos, Microsoft co-founder computer scientist and Tesla corporate executive Elon Musk – on Wednesday during a putative Bitcoin scam.

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